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At Exquisite House Pilates and Wellness we focus on the whole person to provide a plan to empower clients to obtain recovery, longevity and consistency of health.

Small group

Maximize your training opportunities with our 8-class or 12-class Subscription Training. Formatted 3 person classes mean you will always receive focused instruction.
Our Subscription Training is a three month commitment patterned after Joseph Pilates idea, "In 10 session you will feel it, in 20 sessions you will see it and in 30 sessions it's a lifestyle".

1:1 Sessions

One on One instruction is the premier training environment for a Pilates Practice. Whether you are new to Pilates or have particular health and fitness goals, each session is perfectly designed for you. Private Training Packages are offered in 8, 12 and 18 class packs. Class credits expire within 6 months of purchase.

On Demand

Need flexibility in your training? Our On Demand library ofcarefully crafted sessions are designed with you in mind! On Demand membershipoptions available late summer early fall 2024. Watch for more details or joinour interest list by filling out our contact form today.

Our Signature Classes


Reformer, Mat, Chair apparatus are incorporated in our classes so that you have a complete body workout as well as master the Pilates method of movement.


A ballet inspired fitness movement proven to create long lean muscles as well as improve balance. You will love the way you feel after a class.


Improve your balance, coordination and body awareness with this exhilarating lateral movement slide board workout. Brrrn reduces injuries and muscle imbalance by improving back, hip, knee and ankle stability.


The ultimate suspension training system. This class focuses on strength training and functional movement in an exciting and challenging format that is focused on increasing muscle and mobility.


Melt away tension with muscle and myofascial relaxation techniques. Learn relaxation, mobility and meditative techniques in a peaceful, formatted class.



Founder of Exquisite House Pilates and Wellness, Heather is a long time Pilates enthusiast who turned her passion into a profession following a 30-year consulting career. Heather also teaches Barre, Brrn and TRX.

After many years of living with health issues, she sought a Functional Nutrition Coach Certification to heal her own body. She used her knowledge to create The Plan, a customizable program for her clients. A California native, Heather enjoys the change of seasons offered in Virginia. She has a fun-loving husband, two adult children and two fur babies, Fric and Frac, her miniature Dachshunds. Heather has a love of sunshine, sparkles, interesting television, fashion and the color pink.

Heather's professional mission: "My goal is to help people find success and health in their body".

I feel stronger since doing Pilates. I chose Heather as my instructor because she is very supportive, encouraging and pushes you when you need to be pushed.


I had so much fun in group classes with Heather! I follow her for personalized private training as well.


If we only had the before pictures from when I started. There was no way I had the type of movement I have now thanks to Heather and Pilates.

Jim G.

Working out with Exquisite House Pilates has made me feel stronger, more confident of my person and is a terrific amount of fun!

Jan G.

I participate in Ruth's online strengthening classes and it is an amazing experience. Ruth is a true professional in the field of physiotherapy and her classes are both gently challenging and very effective. Her instruction is clear, concise and encouraging, making it easy to follow along and get the most out of each exercise. I felt a noticeable improvement in my strength and overall physical wellbeing after just a few 30 minute classes. Ruth's passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals is evident in every session and I would highly recommend her online classes to anyone looking to improve their strength and mobility. I never thought I would hear myself saying, I look forward to my exercise classes, but I do!

Ed Flanagan

Start your lifestyle for longevity today!


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